Anamei retort

The retorta Anamei is the result of a work conducted with 3 groups of miners from the Madre de Dios region in Peru: Boca Inambari community, Fortumil  company (association of 16 partners from the Fortuna community) and Don Braulio Quispe who’s the owner of the Sol Naciente V dealership.

Retorta Decomposition

© Edana

After an identification with the miners of the main problems caused by the retorta commonly used in the region, a first concept of retorta has been proposed with 3D models and a first prototype was built for testing it with the miners. This have been the occasion for them to share with us their comments and ideas. This is how the retorta Anamei has been conceived: through an iterative process with expert miners. (pdf file of the conception process with miners – in spanish).

The name Anamei has been chosen for the retorta after numerous exchanges with the native community of Boca Inambari. This community designates itself as Amarakaeris. They belong to the Harakmbut linguistic family, from

Retorta entera

© Edana

Arakmbut ethnical group. They are present around the Madre de Dio’s river, province of Tambopata, district of Inambari.

For the Arakmbut, “Anamei” is the sacred tree. However, many linguists and missionaries have mistaken with the orthography of the word with adding a “W”.

To respect our working philosophy, we decided to name it the retorta Anamei.

Between December 2013 and February 2014, three retortas have been built locally and introduced in each partner community.

Entraga Boca

Entrega DOn Braulio

Entrega Fortumil

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