Do it yourself the Boa

The « Boa » prototype is the result of an anthropotechnological work but also results from our collaboration with Fablabs and especially Neuchâtel FabLab.

Our work is part of an opensource collaborative strategy wishing to share not only manufacturing documents but also exchange users and makers experiences. In this way, the technology can freely evolve and improve itself according to user specific needs and constraints (depending on his region/activity/background, etc.).

During the “Boa” co-design process, we particularly get inspired by OpenSourceEcology (OSE) work, a network of farmers, engineers, donors who imagined a technical opensource platform to manufacture yourself industrial machines for farming, construction or artisanal crafting. We paid particular attention to OSE tractors, called “LifeTrac” while designing the “Boa”.

The “Boa” concept is a OpenHardware prototype. It means that fabrication documents are shared under the license CreativeCommons « Attribution Non commercial – ShareAlike 3.0 Unported »  and the concept is protected by the other license « CERN Open Hardware Licence v1.2 ».cc by sa 3.01

The protection Creative Commons means that “The Boa” cannot be commercialized as such, also, in a spirit of collaborative work, it is asked to people who are willing to remake “the Boa” to share with us the eventual modifications that have been carried out.

The CERN licence protects not only all the manufacturing documents (drawings, CAD files, instructions, notices, etc.) but also
the manufacturing process. This means that:

  • If the documentation is being changed, the person modifying it must inform what is from the original model and put this documentation under the same license.
  • If the person manufactures the object, the person must print a special mention “CERN Licence” on the physical object.image6
  • If the manufacturing process is changed, the person must provide the related documentation and precise what is from the original model and what he/she modified. He/She must put the documentation under the same license.

You will find below the necessary links for your “Boa” fabrication. Everyone can adapt plans/models according to one’s specific needs and constraints. In order to improve the replicability of this concept and in a collaborative spirit, it is asked to contact us for any question or modification.

Files in pdf (in french):

Files in .stp:

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«The Boa» prototype Made 100% in Peru -© Edana