Do it yourself the Tolva

Within the framework of the implementation of a collaborative work, we provide all the necessary information to build the portative tolva.

The opensource philosophy aims to share not only manufacturing documents but also exchange users and makers experiences. In this way, the technology can freely evolve and improve itself according to user specific needs and constraints (depending on his region/activity/background, etc.).

Fabrication documents of the tolva are shared under the licence CreativeCommons « Attribution Non commercial – ShareAlike 3.0Unported ». This means that the tolva cannot be commercialized as such, also, in a spirit of collaborative work, it is asked to people who are willing to remake “the Boa” to share with us the eventual modifications that have been carried out. In order to improve the replicability of this concept, it is asked to contact us for any question or modification.

Bellow you can find links for the portable tolva fabrication:


Final concept of the portative tolva – © Edana