Mercury activator

In order to complete the retorta Anamei, which can retrieve about 99% of mercury vapors and obtain reusable mercury, an activator has been crafted for the miners. This device helps to clear and activate mercury for its future uses.

This approach can help miners to realize that they have good means to preserve their environment: they can reuse their mercury and won’t throw it away in Nature.

Moreover, this can help miners to minimize mercury costs, making the retorta Anamei even more profitable.


© Edana

Below you’ll find diagrams explaining how to craft your own mercury activator. The device works thanks to a chemical reaction. But, this reaction generates chlorine vapors. That’s why it is very important to use this device very carefully. It is recommended to always wear a protecting mask and  use it in specific areas like recasting area which would be far away from living places.

In order to craft this mercury activator, you’ll need:

  • A box: Can be hand made for instance from laser cut chipboard (in a Fablab for example). Cutting plans and engraving of the box.
  • One carbon electrode
  • A nail
  • A 4.5V battery
  • 2 cables to connect electrodes to the battery
  • 1 pierced container
  • Mastic in order to prevent mercury leak
  • Cooking salt

To assemble the activator, you can help yourself with this following plan:


You’ll need to put one teaspoon for 0.25l of water.


The most important thing is that the nail must always be immersed or at least touching mercury. Otherwise, mercury won’t reactivate.

To make sure mercury is well reactivating, you can see small gas bubbles appear on the carbon electrode.

In case there’s no bubbles on the carbon electrode, check the following points:

  • The nail is really touching/immersed in mercury
  • Immerse a bit more the carbon electrode in water (watch out that carbon does not touch mercury!)

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