The 4th book of the collection “research notebooks” of the Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie  presents the Wanamei project, in French and in Spanish.

The first part of the book describes the situation faced by miners of Madre de Dios and also emphasizes the “good practices” that have been observed in the artisanal gold mining, valorizing the miner’s know-how.

The second part explores the co-design process engaged with local partners who explained to us their problematics and specific needs. Thanks to its photos and testimonies, this book describes the technical prototypes co-designed for extracting and sorting gold, with the objectives of improve the living and working conditions of artisanal miners, reduce their impact on the environment and fulfill the local legal requirements.

Do not hesitate to write us and share your comments related to this publication.

This book can also be downloaded in Spanish: Los Cuadernos de Investigación No 4. 



  • Europe 1 – Les Carnets du Monde de Sophie Larmoyer: Interview of Carole Baudin by Frederic Faux holding the microphone, Europ 1 correspondant in Bolivia, to present the Wanamei project. To listen to the report : here (Octobre 25, 2014)
  • RTS – La 1ère – Détours: Les trois fièvres de l’Amazonie péruvienne (3/3): l’or  (Novembre 2014)
  • H Vision, el canal de Madre de Dios – INTERCAMBIO: Interview de Carole Baudin (in Spanish) on the theme of the « retorta » designed within the Wanamei project (Août 2014)
  • H Vision, el canal de Madre de Dios – INTERCAMBIOInterview de Yohana Ruffiner (In Spanish) about the progresses of the Wanamei project (June 2014)


  • Meeting de la Society for Applied Anthropology(SfAA) 2015, at Pittsburgh (United States)

The anthropologist Yohana Ruffiner will attend the next Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) at Pittsburgh, on the Friday March 25 2015. She’ll step in two presentations on the gold panning theme in Guinea, Mali, Colombia and Peru. Programme du 75th meeting annuel de la SfAA (p. 68)

  • SOPERGO 2014, Lima (Pérou)

The anthropologist Yohana Ruffiner and the ergonomist Carolina Ullilen attended the SOPERGO 2014   (Peruvian and international congress on Ergonomics) with the specific topic  “difficulties of artisanal and small miners in the region of Madre de Dios”.

  • Lecture KPFE 2014, Bern (Switzerland)

20th Anniversary Conference of the KFPE – « Research Partnerships for Sustainable Solutions in Governing the Extractive Industries », lecture organized at the University of Bern by the Swiss Academy of Sciences – KPFE, Swiss Commission for the scientific partnership with developing countries. Participation of Carole Baudin on the theme  « Gold Mining Communities in the Peruvian Amazon » (August 27th 2014).



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