[The retort]

Facing the emergency situation of Madre de Dios mining zone, the working team composed by several miners and delegates of local institutions decided to define the co-design of the retorta as a priority.

This urgent need was based on several problems that miners had to deal everyday with different traditional retorta used in the region but also the local issues regarding mercury use:

The new prototype had to improve retortas’ existing problems:

  • Lack of impermeability of the device, letting mercury vapors escape ;
  • Obstruction of the evacuation tube by accumulation of mercury ;
  • High risks of burning, when opening and manipulating the retorta

That is some of the reason why we focused our efforts on the co-design and local fabrication of the retorta between 2013 and 2014. Thanks to an iterative testing process of trial and error we slowly have been able to improve the prototype to finally obtain our final product: the retorta Anamei.


© Edana

However, the journey does not stop there. Indeed, we are still testing the product and are waiting for your opinion on it, hoping to continue to upgrade the device. The retorta Anamei is extremely important for these artisanal gold producers, or at least as long as practices with mercury are not completely forbidden.

You can also acquire a retorta Anamei!

In order to obtain it, you have two options:

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