What is the Boa ?

“The Boa” is a global concept inspired by local techniques of gold extraction and other kinds of extraction used in other areas (farming, civil engineering, sanitation etc.). The concept has been designed to fulfill local specific needs, constraints related to the land (mud, tree trunk, etc.) and legal constraints of mining sector in Peru.

We focused on a global system, able to simultaneously extract and clean auriferous material. The device is divided into two parts:

  • A mobile and polyvalent mini-excavator (“la Boa”) which has an articulated arm capable of manipulating different accessories (excavating bucket, charging bucket, hole digger, etc.). This mobile unity can also be used with a suction pump.
  • A cleaning ramp (The Tolva), fix of mobile


Why use the Boa?

This mini-excavator is polyvalent:

  • The device can be combined with different accessories, in order to separate rocks from roots before suctioning/ maintain the organic soil/ rehabilitate mine site after gold operations/ etc.
  • Thanks to its removable tracks, the vehicle can move in the mud or even flooded soils
  • The system can be fully dismantled and adjustable, making easier its transport and installation on the mining area.
  • Thanks to its modularity, the system can be used for other purposes such as farming, agroforestry, etc.

The mini-excavator reduces the painfulness of mining activities:

  • It avoids the immersion of an operator in dirty and polluted water
  • It avoids the manual transport of heavy loads (pumps, tree trunks, etc.)
  • It reduces risks of mudslides, using an excavating process in successive steps
  • It reduces noise pollution due to old motors

The mini-excavator reduces the environmental impact of mining activities:

  • The organic soil can be kept for the rehabilitation of the mine site
  • The hole created by the excavation operations can be closed
  • Dirty and polluted water can be directed towards a tailing pond
  • Loss of oil are reduced or eliminated

You have two options to purchase the mini-excavator:

  • Build it yourself !
  • If you are in Madre de Dios area, you can get it contact with our local partners to obtain a mini-excavator 100% Made-in-Peru (proyectowanamei@gmail.com)