What is the Tolva ?

The «portable tolva» co-designed with miners, has been based on size separation techniques of auriferous material, with the objective of obtaining a gold pre-concentrated mixture and eliminate a big part of sterile elements (big rocks, fine gravel).

Our concept of tolva also uses gravimetric methods for collecting gold flakes and the presence of riffles in the ramp to increase phenomenon of deflection and retain more gold flakes.

Why use the portable tolva?

  • You can refine more efficiently the auriferous material extracted: thanks to two grids of different size of mesh, the stones are better sorted out.
  • The riffles (obstacles on the ramp), deflection phenomenon is accentuated: gold flakes are trapped into the riffles and you can obtain a more concentrated gold mixture.
  • The water system works as a closed-circuit. The same water can wash the auriferous material for several times.
  • To avoid creating a pile of excavated stones on the ramp base structure, stones are brought in a recovery tank through an extraction pipe. Once the tank is filled out, stones can be moved to another site or can be used to close the extraction mine hole (stones can be moved using “The Boa”).

Portable tolva concept

A first functional mock-up (1/3 scale) has been tested on the spot and helped to improve the initial concept (adjustable system, etc.).

The final concept has been designed in 3D and plans sorted out.

You can build the same concept of portable tolva by yourself!

The portable tolva concept has been finally integrated to a global solution for gold extraction and collecting :


Global solution for gold extraction and collecting